What is Network Security?

Network Security deals with all aspects related to the protection of the sensitive information assets existing on the network. It covers various mechanisms developed to provide fundamental security services for data communication.

  • Identify some of the factors driving the need for network security.
  • Identify and classify particular examples of attacks.
  • Define the terms vulnerability, threat and attack.
  • Identify physical points of vulnerability in simple networks.
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Network Security Syllabus

Network Security – Overview

  • Physical Network
  • Network Protocol
  • Goals of Network Security
  • Achieving Network Security

Application Layer Security

  • E-mail Security
  • PGP
  • S / MIME
  • DNS Security

Security In Transport Layer

  • Need for Transport Layer Security
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • TLS Protocol
  • Secure Browsing - HTTPS
  • Secure Shell Protocol (SSH)
  • Benefits & Limitations

Network Layer Security

  • Security in Network Layer
  • Overview of IPsec
  • IPsec Communication Modes
  • IPsec Protocols
  • Security Associations in IPsec

Data Link Layer Security

  • Security Concerns in Data Link Layer
  • Securing Ethernet LANs
  • Securing Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Securing Virtual LAN
  • Securing Wireless LAN

Network Access Control

  • Securing Access to Network Devices
  • User Authentication and Authorization
  • Password Based Authentication
  • Centralized Authentication Methods
  • Access Control Lists


  • Types of Firewall
  • Stateless & Stateful Packet Filtering Firewall
  • Application Gateways
  • Circuit-Level Gateway
  • Firewall Deployment with DMZ
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention System
  • Types of IDS

Network Security – Critical Necessity

  • Role of Network in Business
  • Necessity for Network Security